Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Florida is considered to be the weirdest state in 2010

Such a conclusion was made by a prominent press agency after having analyzed news stories about unusual events and occurrences which took place in 2010. I'll share some of them with my readers.

It was found that the majority of funny and strange stories exactly occurred in Florida, which later were published by local and foreign media. It is a matter of news channels and press which reports of idiotic crimes, funny situations with the participation of animals, unusual emergency calls, etc.

Among these events are: defusing a box of kittens, killing an alligator that attacked a dog, a story of a man who called police to report his mother took his beer, and also an accidental selling of a violet containing woman's ashes.

In addition, the agency mentioned a story about one man who hid a bag of marijuana and a bag of cocaine in his buttocks, and when disclosed he confessed to deputies that only the weed belonged to him. He said he did not have any idea where all that white staff had came from.

Also, one dog was involved in a road traffic accident when it accidentally pushed foot throttle down in its master's car and the vehicle knocked its owner down.

And finally, there was an accident in Florida when several Miami residents made complaints to authorities as they got poisoned after swallowing African snail mucus as part of a religious ceremony.  

The question is whether this needs to be included in news reports or be moved to the entertainment section.

-Dr Boothe

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