Tuesday, January 11, 2011

McDonald's lottery for jobless man - William Boothe

Unemployed Wisconsin resident Jonathon Kehoe won a $1 million lottery prize at McDonald's. A winning card was found inside of a glass of soda which he had the good fortune to buy.

According to the 29-year old newly-made millionaire, he could not even trust to his luck and was asking his friends if the ticket was real. To finally make sure that he was a real winner, the unemployed lucky man has addressed McDonald’s staff, who has written a check for $1 million in his name.

At first, Jonathon Kehoe is planning to pay bills and loans from his parents with his winnings. He is also thinking of getting tattoos of his favourite restaurant’s dishes.

P.S. I hope this money will be enough for him to eat normal, healthy food

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